The PCS Capital & Endowment Fund
Established to meet financial challenges that the Princeton Charter School faces under New Jersey laws.

The Role of the Endowment

Why does a public school need an endowment fund?

Delays in Public Funding

We provide a revolving fund to bridge delays in public funds; the Fund is reimbursed when the public funding is received.

Student Needs

The Endowment guarantees support for student needs if public funding is cut in the future.

Academic Programs

The Endowment funds academic summer programs, after-school programs for low-income students, and teacher training and coaching.

Capital for Construction

The Endowment provides capital for construction projects such as the lower school and campus center buildings; once a certificate of occupancy is granted, public funds can be used for maintenance and operations.

Our Board

Peter Yianilos

Chairman and Founder

Maureen Quirk

President and Founder

Robin Birkel

Board Member and Secretary

Arka Mukherjee

Board Member

Nadia Braun

Board Member

Stefanos Damianakis

Board Member and Treasurer

Tony Gleason

Board Member

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